FROM Election Central, this recapitulation of what...


November 15, 1994

FROM Election Central, this recapitulation of what happened last week in our neighboring state to the east, by way of the editorial pages of the (Wilmington) News Journal:

"It would be easy to overlook the magnitude of the Republican Party's triumph in Delaware.

"After all, Democrats and liberals might tell themselves, Delaware voters did nothing extraordinary when they re-elected four popular Republican incumbents to statewide offices, or even when they chose the Republican over the Democrat for attorney general, the single office where the incumbent was not running. . . .

"That reasoning ignores the substantial margins by which the statewide GOP candidates won. It ignores the Republican sweep in legislative and county races.

"Even in the race for attorney general, in which Democrat Charles Butler had kept M. Jane Brady constantly on the defensive in the final weeks before the election, the Republican had a comfortable margin.

"Rep. Michael N. Castle, a former governor, is a proven vote-getter who holds the record for lopsided victories.

"This time, his opponent, Carol Ann DeSantis, did not even manage to win what was once considered the hard-rock Democratic vote base.

"In legislative races, Republicans kept all their old seats, turned out Democratic state representatives in Brandywine Hundred and Newark and won all the open seats in the General Assembly.

"The result is that Republicans hold a stronger grip in the House and have gained enough Senate seats to block Democratic bills requiring super-majorities.

"That could make life very difficult for Gov. [Tom] Carper.

"The party triumph cannot fail to encourage ambitious Republicans to take a shot at Governor Carper in 1996. If the swing away from the Democrats is lasting, the 1996 Republican gubernatorial nomination is a prize many will find attractive."

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