MTA PersonnelIn the Oct. 26 article, "Black Caucus hits...


November 15, 1994

MTA Personnel

In the Oct. 26 article, "Black Caucus hits racism in Maryland government," reporter Frank Langfitt wrote concerning the Mass Transit Administration that "whites made up more than 85 percent of high-ranking officials as of last summer."

And while Mr. Langfitt started the story, he didn't complete it.

What Mr. Langfitt didn't report is that at the news conference, where members of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus criticized state agencies, Del. Clarence "Tiger" Davis applauded the work of the MTA and Administrator John A. Agro, Jr. for their efforts to remedy alleged past hiring and promoting inconsistencies.

Mr. Langfitt neglected to report that in the last 18 months during Mr. Agro's tenure, the organization has increased the number of African-Americans not only on the senior management team, but at all managerial levels throughout the agency.

Minority representation has increased in almost every job category: officials/administrator; professional; technicians; protective service and office/clerical.

Finally and most important, Mr. Langfitt didn't share with your readers the alliance between the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus and the MTA or the shared vision to eliminate any issues involving racial or sexual discrimination.

We acknowledge that every issue has not been resolved. But, as recognized by the Black Caucus at the news conference, as well as in the report that followed, according to Delegate Davis, ". . . improvements have been made since Mr. Agro was hired as the administrator. It takes time for progress to happen."

And later, "Mr. Agro came to the MTA in late 1993 and instituted changes in classifications, upgrades and other personnel actions that improved the conditions of employment." The report went on further to illustrate the actual changes and improvements in hiring and promotional practices.

The MTA has worked diligently in the last 18 months to be an agency that treats employees fairly and equitably, regardless of race, creed or color. We can only ask that The Sun be just as fair in its reporting of the news.

Sidney E. Williams Jr.


The writer is director of administration for the Mass Transit Administration.

Garbage Persons

The Sun's reporting of Garbageman Appreciation Day at the Baltimore RESCO facility was par for the course. That is, reporter Brad Snyder's Oct. 15 article completely missed the point.

For the past seven years, the employees of Baltimore RESCO have sought to honor sanitation workers. All sanitation workers are welcomed to enjoy the parade and have lunch and receive a free baseball hat.

Over 1,000 meals of hot dogs, hamburgers, Tasty-Cakes and sodas are distributed. It should also be noted that Garbageman Appreciation Day originated at the Baltimore RESCO facility and is now celebrated nationwide.

For his article, Mr. Snyder does not focus on the theme of the event, nor the 997 garbagemen who enjoy it.

Mr. Snyder finds three women whose only complaint is the word "garbageman" and then finds enough trash to fabricate a "news article."

David W. Czawlytko



I feel the current Tailhook judgments favoring Lt. Paula Coughlin are deplorable, despicable and a total miscarriage of justice.

It is a perfect example of the misguided judicial system in this country, which places political correctness ahead of true justice.

Here is a woman who joined a male-dominated combat organization, attended a convention in Las Vegas where alcohol and raucous activities were abundant, then complained because of the natural end results. What did she expect?

From all accounts, Lieutenant Coughlin was voluntarily having her share of the "good times." She was not coerced into any of the activities. Did she think she was entering the Brownies or a nunnery when she joined the armed forces?

As the saying goes, "If you are going to talk the talk, then you have to walk the walk."

Had she been raped, or had assault and battery been committed against her, I would have a different opinion. But this was not the case.

For these indiscretions, she has received nearly $7 million.

Now she has stated she would like to put all of this behind her and lead the quiet life. I really hope her conscience will not permit her to do that with such ill-gotten gains in her fat bank account.

I hope she will see fit to give the nearly $7 million to the families of those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. They have received a mere pittance compared to Lieutenant Coughlin's take.

If her morals are as pure as she would have us believe, I know she will follow this advice because anyone of such high standards could take no other path.

Thomas F. Allen


Call for a Common-Sense Party

I am completely disgusted with the political process.

All year long, the voters have been subjected to the worst kind of childish behavior from almost every candidate for office.

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