Seat belt use drops markedly, survey reports

November 14, 1994|By Bill Talbott | Bill Talbott,Sun Staff Writer

C Drivers in Carroll County, particularly those of pickup trucks, have slipped considerably in the use of seat belts, according to surveys conducted last month.

Pickup truck drivers complied with the seat belt requirement only 57.4 percent of the time during the survey, compared with an 82 percent compliance rate in a survey several months ago.

The surveys are an activity in the Golden Eagle Competition, and no citations were issued during the observations.

The Golden Eagle Competition is a new highway safety initiative sponsored by the Maryland Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders and the State Highway Administration, according to the Carroll County Health Department.

The report said 73.8 percent of drivers observed during the survey were wearing seat belts, down 5.2 percent from the previous survey.

A breakdown of motorists in Westminster indicated that 64 percent of drivers were wearing the required safety belt.

Law enforcement officers will continue to make observations through the remainder of the competition. Maryland has a statewide goal of 85 percent safety belt use by the end of 1995.

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