EA Engineering signs pacts with Chinese agencies

November 11, 1994|By a Sun Staff Writer

A Hunt Valley environmental service company has signed agreements with two Chinese environmental agencies that could lead to nationwide projects in China.

Officials of EA Engineering, Science and Technology Inc., who are part of a Maryland delegation in China this week, signed an agreement on Tuesday with the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, a division of the National Environmental Protection Agency.

Today, EA is scheduled to sign an agreement with Anhui Institute of Environmental Science, a research and regulatory agency in Anhui Province.

"There is a significant amount of potential for us in China," said Joseph Spadaro, EA's executive vice president and chief financial officer.

EA Engineering, which performs environmental cleanups and related testing, will work with the two agencies to develop joint environmental services as well as doing research and development, Mr. Spadaro said.

"This is basically an initial agreement with many details to follow," he said.

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