Morgan State fires AD McBryde

November 10, 1994|By Gary Lambrecht | Gary Lambrecht,Sun Staff Writer

Ken McBryde, who took over as the director of a troubled Morgan State athletic department 19 months ago, has been fired and reassigned to the student affairs office.

"They don't like the way I do the job, so they wanted to reassign me to a phantom job in student affairs," said McBryde, when reached at his home last night. "I haven't done anything wrong. According to them [Morgan State officials], I have."

When McBryde came to Morgan State in the spring of 1993 after serving as athletic director at Virginia State, he inherited a program that was being investigated by the NCAA for numerous violations.

Under McBryde, the department conducted a self-review, the results of which were turned over to the NCAA six months ago.

The school is awaiting the NCAA's response.

McBryde also confirmed that women's basketball coach Anderson Powell, one of the subjects of the NCAA investigation, has been suspended.

"I expected something weird to happen, with the way things have been going," McBryde said. "It comes down to others not agreeing with me, and trying to make it look like I'm out of line. It's just the way business is done over there."

Tanya Rush, formerly the vice president for student affairs, has taken over as athletic director. Neither Rush nor any other Morgan State officials could be reached for comment.

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