Fighting pair beats back Exxon robbery attempt

November 10, 1994

An Alexandria, Va., woman and a cashier at an Arnold Exxon station fought off a knife-wielding thug who tried to rob both of them Tuesday night, county police said yesterday.

Neither Delmis Alfaro-Rodriguez, 34, of Alexandria nor Sohail Imran, 27, of Severna Park was injured in the struggle.

The thug had walked into the cashier's office of the station in the 300 block of Buschs Frontage Road about 11:30 p.m., brandishing a 4- to 6-inch knife in his right hand. He grabbed Ms. Alfaro-Rodriguez, who in turn seized his right arm and tried to push him out of the door, police said.

Ms. Alfaro-Rodriguez slipped by the man and ran out the front door. Mr. Imran had come from behind the counter to help her and also struggled with the man. The suspect dropped the knife and ran from the store. He ran east toward Busch's Chesapeake Inn restaurant and then south behind the gas station when he saw five men who were with Ms. Alfaro-Rodriguez coming to apprehend him, police said.

Man charged in biting of bar patron's ear

County police have issued an arrest warrant for a Pasadena man, charging that he bit half the ear off another man in a brawl outside Snyder's bar in the first block of Earleigh Heights Road, early Sunday.

The victim, Peter K. Forste, 31, of Severna Park, also suffered a blackened right eye and cuts to his arms and legs during the beating at 2 a.m., county police said. He was treated at North Arundel Hospital and released Tuesday, a spokeswoman said.

A witness told an Eastern District officer investigating the incident that the bar owner refused to serve any more drinks to a man who was intoxicated. The man became belligerent and went outside and challenged bar patrons to fight him.

Mr. Forste tried to calm the man down, but got into a fight when the man hit him. As they wrestled to the ground, the man bit Mr. Forste's ear and two others jumped in, pummeling Mr. Forste, police said.

Christopher Eberhardt, 28, of the 100 block of Mountain Road, is sought in the warrant, police said.

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