Rams: St. Louis 'front-runner,' but Baltimore still in running

November 08, 1994|By Jon Morgan

A Los Angeles Rams spokeswoman yesterday said what by now seems obvious -- St. Louis has the edge in the race for the team -- but denied Baltimore is out of the running.

"They are working hard with St. Louis to see if they can get somewhere with them and they look like the front-runner right now. They are spending most of the time on St. Louis," spokeswoman Heidi Sinclair said of the top Rams officials.

The Midwestern city, she said, "does appear to have more of what the Rams are looking for at this point." Baltimore, she said, remains in the running, however.

Rams president John Shaw told the Los Angeles Times on Sunday that "there are still several open points with St. Louis and it's my understanding they will be coming here Thursday or Friday to discuss them."

Orioles owner Peter Angelos, who is trying to buy the Rams and bring them to Baltimore, is expected to be in Los Angeles tomorrow to meet with team officials, Shaw said.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Raiders declined to comment on reports that Angelos has also made a bid for that team.

"I have no information on that," said Al LoCasale. "Right now we're in season and that's where our concentration is."

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