GOP lambastes Mundy for flier touting newspaper endorsements from primary

November 08, 1994|By Adam Sachs | Adam Sachs,Sun Staff Writer

A Republican official charged yesterday that James P. Mundy, a state Senate candidate in western Howard County, acted "unethically" by distributing campaign literature last weekend touting newspaper endorsements that he hasn't received for today's election.

"Clearly, what Jim Mundy is trying to do is unethically get people to think newspapers in the Washington-Baltimore area are supporting him," said Allan Kittleman, chairman of the Howard Republican Central Committee.

"There's no question that Jim Mundy must come from the school of thought that it doesn't matter what you say, just as long as you get elected."

Mr. Mundy, a Democrat, said yesterday that the problem resulted from a mistake by a Montgomery County campaign worker. He said the worker passed out fliers prepared for the September primary election -- instead of others produced later for the general election -- at a supermarket near Silver Spring Saturday.

"We have a lot of supporters down there handing out literature," said Mr. Mundy, who is trying to unseat Republican Sen. Christopher J. McCabe in District 14. "Someone got hold of the wrong box."

Mr. McCabe said he was skeptical of Mr. Mundy's explanation. His opponent has distributed other "misleading" literature, he said.

"Frankly, there's been a pattern," Mr. McCabe said yesterday. "It's appears clear to the central committee and to me that he's distorted my record and embellished his. He has to be held accountable for what his campaign workers do and what he does as a candidate."

Mr. Mundy accused the Republican Central Committee of "looking for stuff because they're desperate" to help Mr. McCabe.

"Chris McCabe is resorting to negative campaigning because no issues he supports are in the mainstream of the district's thinking," Mr. Mundy said. "He's trying to make up for what he hasn't done in four years."

District 14 includes Ellicott City, western Howard and northeastern Montgomery County.

The literature distributed Saturday listed organizations that have endorsed Mr. Mundy, including four newspapers -- The Sun, the Washington Post, the Howard County Times and the Montgomery County Journal.

The Post, The Sun and the Journal have not endorsed Mr. Mundy for the general election, although each endorsed him and Mr. McCabe in the primaries.

The Sun was the only one of those three newspapers to make an endorsement for the general election, choosing Mr. McCabe.

A McCabe campaign volunteer worker, Robert Faber of Burtonsville, brought Mr. Mundy's flier to Mr. McCabe's attention. "He shouldn't be quoting big papers and getting away with it," Mr. Faber said.

Mr. McCabe and the Republican Central Committee also have objected to a letter to the editor written by Mr. Mundy, which appeared Oct. 12 in the Olney Gazette in Montgomery County.

The letter, which criticizes Mr. McCabe for supporting funding for a Baltimore Convention Center a year after state aid was reduced to Montgomery County, identifies Mr. Mundy as a District 14 Senate candidate and Montgomery County resident. Mr. Mundy lives in Ellicott City.

Mr. McCabe charges that the letter was an attempt by Mr. Mundy to portray himself to voters as a Montgomery County resident.

Mr. Mundy explained that he has a campaign office in Montgomery County that handles correspondence for that region using letterhead with a Montgomery County address. He didn't intend to mislead readers, he said.

"They're looking for nonsense instead of concentrating on issues," Mr. Mundy said of the Republicans.

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