Take a long 'Taxi' ride


November 07, 1994|By David Bianculli | David Bianculli,Special to The Sun

Viewers who can't wait for "Scarlett" on CBS this weekend can tune in tonight to see NBC's "A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story." This new TV biography of the "Gone With the Wind" author has much in common with the "Wind" sequel beginning Sunday. For example, neither one was written or approved by Mitchell herself. The highlight on the schedule, though, is Nickelodeon, where you should park and keep the meter running: It's an all-night marathon of "Taxi" episodes.

* "The Nanny" (8-8:30 p.m., Channel 11) -- David Caruso, pay close attention: Tonight's guest star is Corbin Bernsen, formerly of another Steven Bochco dramatic series, "L.A. Law." Another star of that show, Jimmy Smits, is eagerly taking your place on "NYPD Blue." Meanwhile, name the best work that's been done by other "L.A. Law" alumni who sought feature-film work, like, say, Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin. Get the point? CBS.

* "A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story" (9-11 p.m., Channel 2) -- Shannen Doherty, as Mitchell, gives what is the best performance of her career -- although NBC can't quote that line without also noting that Doherty's career, to this point, has been littered with horrendous performances. "Gone With the Wind" enthusiasts will enjoy pointing out the literary inspirations from Mitchell's "real life" -- especially the Civil War stories from Margaret's grandmother (Rue McClanahan, another sterling accent) and Red Upshaw (Dale Midkiff), Mitchell's roguish first husband and the obvious model for Rhett Butler. NBC.

* "Windsors: A Royal Family" (9-11 p.m., channels 22, 67) -- Tonight and tomorrow, PBS devotes four hours to the Royal Family. Gee, what have they done lately to deserve any special attention? PBS.

* "Northern Exposure" (10-11 p.m., Channel 11) -- In tonight's show, the hero asks a simple question of the heroine, and gets a very complicated answer. Or is that the plot line of tonight's new Taster's Choice ad? CBS.


* " 'Taxi' marathon" (8 p.m.-5:30 a.m., NIK) -- It'll be fun to see a whole new generation of TV viewers, thanks to this new Nick at Nite exposure, becoming fluent in the ramblings of Christopher Lloyd's Rev. Jim and the rantings of Danny De Vito's Louie, and to attach a face to the Andy Kaufman guy whom R.E.M. sings about.

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