Why Suppress Residents' Voices?Why would a newspaper like...


November 06, 1994

Why Suppress Residents' Voices?

Why would a newspaper like The Sun, which professes to be a strong advocate of our First Amendment rights, take such a strong stand against a referendum that would simply give Howard County citizens the same constitutional rights of other charter counties in Maryland?

The right to bring to referendum comprehensive zoning is one we should have always had. Some people say that's why you elect your council person. The fact is, I am left high and dry when a zoning matter is before the council sitting as the zoning board. I cannot talk to my representative, but I am allowed to give a three-minute testimony. In addition, I was disgusted to learn that I would have to attend a meeting of the board at night or possibly during the day with no assurance if they would get to me. Of course, it was convenient for the lawyers, developers and planners to attend during the day; it's their job, after all.

Catering to the development community like this is just another indication of its influence. . . . It is apparent that the present system does not work for the citizens of Howard County. . . .. So folks, vote for Question B and change business as usual.

Thomas O'Brien

Ellicott City

Who Gets It?

With the publicity about the inadequate penalty required of O. J. Simpson for spouse abuse before his wife's death and the recent outcry about the Baltimore County judge who just "didn't get it" in his sentencing of Kenneth Peacock for killing his wife, it is comforting to note that most members of the Maryland legislature do "get it." They understand that beating or killing one's spouse is wrong under any circumstance and passed a bill during the last session to help protect women and children threatened with domestic violence.

In fact, the House of Delegates passed this bill with only four legislators voting against it. Virginia Thomas, senatorial candidate in District 13, was one of the co-sponsors of this bill.

It is interesting to note that her opponent, Martin Madden, was one of the four who "didn't get it." It's clear to me who I want making decisions on my behalf in the Maryland Senate.

Sue Taylor Brown


Pro-Choice Vote

Pro-choice issues are proving central in a number of Maryland races this election, and the District 13 Senate contest is no exception. Pro-choice voters in Howard County need to know that there is only one pro-choice candidate in the race.

Virginia Thomas has been a strong advocate for choices as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates. We know that as senator, she will be there to protect against the continual onslaught of the anti-choice movement, and that she will join us to promote a broadened reproductive rights agenda that stresses prevention, fosters healthy child-bearing and gives /^ women real reproductive choices.

On the contrary, her opponent, Martin Madden, is out of step with the pro-choice majority in Maryland. He has a long record of opposing a woman's right to choose that will most certainly continue if he is elected to higher office.

The choice is clear. On Nov. 8, District 13's pro-choice majority must elect Virginia Thomas to the state Senate.

Gloria A. Totten

Silver Spring

The writer is executive director of the Maryland chapter, National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, Political Action Committee.

For School Board

After reading your endorsements for the Howard County school board, I felt compelled to write. Aren't you the same paper that characterized Steven Bounds as a "stealth candidate . . . someone with a hidden agenda, which only becomes clear after an election when it comes time to put the agenda into play?" Did it ever occur to you that that is exactly what he is doing, saying one thing, but planning to do another?

Your endorsement has changed, but one thing has not: Jamie Kendrick's commitment to Howard County's children and their education. Kendrick is still the most experienced, best-qualified candidate for the school board and one the county needs; someone who is not afraid to stand up for what they believe.

Ann Thompson

Ellicott City

Laurel-like Growth

I appreciate The Sun's coverage of the county executive race in Howard County but believe the coverage, columns and editorial cartoons are unduly biased against Susan Gray. Granted, there is risk that her campaign for more controls on growth in the county may sound like "pull up the drawbridge," and granted, some of the homes (not including hers) in her part of the county are examples of conspicuous consumption. Nevertheless, there's a more important reason why I support Susan Gray.

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