Does Jacobs Heed Constitution?I have been doing some...


November 06, 1994

Does Jacobs Heed Constitution?

I have been doing some research on the candidates for the House of Delegates in District 34. I received a piece of literature on Nancy Jacobs which told me nothing about her.

I dug a little further and I discovered that Nancy Jacobs' literature hides who she really is -- a member of the radical right.

Nancy Jacobs put her true agenda in a newsletter for the Concerned Women for America, (a radical right-wing organization she runs in Maryland) where she wrote:

"We share a strong burden to see the Lord be given His rightful position of authority over the lives of not only our families but of our country as well. . . .

"We see the need for Godly leaders to be raised up to run our government."

I think these are the words of a candidate who does not respect the U.S. Constitution.

I don't want Nancy Jacobs' church or anyone else's church running our government.

I'm a Christian and an American who would fight to the death for religious freedom. . . .

Christopher Cook

Bel Air

Parrott's Balance

Harford County voters have a clear choice in this year's County Council president's race.

By her actions over the years, it is clear that Joanne Parrott has a balanced approach to government.

She has often made it clear that she thinks that government is too big and too involved in people's lives and that it needs to be streamlined.

She is committed to no new taxes.

Theresa Pierno has shown a liberal approach to government.

She pushes increased government involvement in the lives of the people and businesses.

She has taken her part-time county job and made it full time. Due largely to her efforts, the County Council budget has ballooned during her term.

She is a typical tax-and-spend Democrat who can find all sorts of justifications to increase taxes, government and bureaucracy.

I encourage fellow Harford County citizens to say no to big government, higher taxes and increased bureaucracy and vote for Joanne Parrott for president of the County Council on Nov. 8.

Bill Windle


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