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November 06, 1994

Biased Article Against Parrott

The article written by Phyllis Brill in The Sun of Oct. 30, concerning a debate between Joanne Parrott and Theresa Pierno at Fallston High School, compels a comment. It has been a long time since I have read such poor journalistic work. The editor of this newspaper should be ashamed.

In my judgment, Ms. Brill's "reporting" of the incident and the campaign in general was appalling.

Good reporting means the reader should not be able to ascertain the personal views of the reporter when reading an article purporting to report an event or events that occurred. Her use of pejorative terms and phrases, all directed at Mrs. Parrott, has absolutely no place in an article written as supposedly factual reporting.

For example, she writes, "[Mrs. Parrott] is focusing more on political convenience than candidness." Where I come from, that is opinion. . . . Later, she writes, "some students objected to Mrs. Parrott's political dodge."

As I read the article, the words "political dodge" are Ms. Brill's. She "reports" that "Mrs. Parrott's fixation." And so on. Why use buzz words? Why not report what occurred? Why the point-by-point refutation of claims Parrott makes?

The article was a hatchet job from start to finish. If I want to read opinion, I read Mike Burns' column, which is clearly marked as "Comment." If I want to read a campaign article written by or for Mrs. Pierno, I know where to obtain it. What you allowed to be printed was unprofessional.

I think Mrs. Parrott, and the readers of The Sun, deserve an apology. They certainly deserve more professionalism from you and your staff.

Lester H. Feinberg

Bel Air

Ugly Campaign

In my 60-odd years of life, I have seen a great deal. I've dug ditches. I've been a union member and union steward. I've been in a supervisory position in an engineering department. I've even spent time in the military. And the thousands of hours I've spent being involved in Little League, in church choirs, as president of organizations have not prepared me for the bile that has been spewed out by our present county executive.

The character assassination that she has heaped upon our sheriff comes since the $400,000 debacle.

The attempt to take over the sheriff's office with a police department -- which is really not a county police department, since it does not incorporate the police of Bel Air, Havre de Grace and Aberdeen -- leaves one to wonder the extent a "politician" will go to gain complete control. . . .

Bob Comes has 35 years' experience in law enforcement. Those years have been spent on the beat and in administration. The deputies in the department are all professionals. They know if they go to a police department, every four years a new county executive is elected will be housecleaning time. They will not have the opportunity to pick and choose sides by "voting" their choice.

Just as the department heads were booted out of office by the present county executive so will the deputies be booted out of their positions. Those department people, even though put in office by the previous Democratic administration, were unceremoniously booted from their positions. It will be at the whim of that executive in office that they hold their jobs and it won't be every four years.

Vote against Question A.

ndrew T. Mihor

Forest Hill

Sheriff's Pluses

The Harford County Sheriff's Department is a highly respected law enforcement agency throughout the state of Maryland and for that matter across the country. This has been accomplished by progressive administration and effective management practices.

The sheriff's office is one of only a few that have received law enforcement accreditation. This can only be accomplished by having an effective competent leader.

Sheriff Robert Comes has been a good, honest sheriff and

deserves to be re-elected. Why train a new sheriff to all the duties the office requires when you have an incumbent with more than 30 years of experience and an extremely well-functioning law enforcement agency?

In 1985, the then-county executive and I had reviewed the possibility of a Harford County Police Department. At the end of the study, it was concluded that it was not feasible due to cost, the fact that the three towns did not want to become part of it and the fact we would lose state police personnel in the county. I feel the same reasons exist. (The same police personnel would be the new agency, only the name would be changed and the cost exorbitant). Vote against Question A.

Theodore S. Moyer


The writer is a former Harford County sheriff and a retired major in the Maryland State Police.


I am writing in support of Mary Louise Preis for the Maryland House of Delegates. She has a record that demonstrates her to be a courageous and independent legislator who puts the concerns of her constituents first.

A perfect example of this was her vote on last year's bill to ban certain assault weapons.

Not only did Delegate Preis stand up to special interests and vote in favor of the ban, but she was the only member of the House of Delegates representing Harford County to do so.

Now, more than ever, we are in need of independent candidates who vote the will of their constituents and do not cower from controversial issues. Now, more than ever, we need Mary Louise Preis to be returned to the House of Delegates.

oland Lapointe


Sauerbrey's Relief

I urge all Maryland voters to vote for Ellen Sauerbrey for governor of Maryland. Mrs. Sauerbrey is determined to bring relief to Maryland taxpayers. Over the years, higher taxes have been imposed by politicians at all levels of government.

Ellen Sauerbrey believes that working men and women deserve to keep more of their hard-earned income.

Barbara Wall


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