Race is Still a Chasm at MeadeI read with some surprise...


November 06, 1994

Race is Still a Chasm at Meade

I read with some surprise and dismay the Oct. 6 Sun editorial regarding the recent incident at Meade High School.

Since my daughter is enrolled as a senior there, it would be reassuring to know that racism does not exist in the corridors and classrooms of that Anne Arundel County public school.

Unfortunately, I do not agree or feel comfortable with the conclusions drawn by school officials as to the cause of this near riot. As my daughter tells me and other students have stated (see Washington Post coverage, Oct. 1), the fact that the incident involved blacks and whites was no coincidence. My daughter and her friends have witnessed such altercations on a daily basis since the beginning of the school year. The sad fact is that Meade High and other schools across the county, state and nation have become bipolar institutions where students are aligned in cliques based on musical preference, dress codes and dialogue. They hang together as groups and "posses" in hallways and the cafeteria.

If all of that weren't bad enough, the violent attack on a faculty member was disgusting and deplorable. . . . We're afraid of the consequences so we choose instead to ignore the problem and look away. The result is a teacher getting stomped senseless while students cheer the attackers and other stay uninvolved.

The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders had it right a quarter-century ago when it reported that our country was moving toward two societies -- one black and one white. At Meade, we're already there.

ichard L. Lane


'No' on Question 3

While John Gary's proposal of giving voters the option of recalling soft judges is one worthy of consideration, I would like to point out some thing that can be done this election.

Voters can vote "no" to the Constitutional Amendment 3 on the ballot this time. The amendment would increase the age limit of forced retirement of Circuit Court and Court of Appeals judges beyond 70.

This has been tried before by Chief Judge Robert Murphy in order to remain in power and was rejected by the legislature. This time, Judge Murphy had all Circuit Court judges included so it passed in the legislature. This is a very self-serving amendment to allow those in power to stay there forever. . . .

Philip D. Rose


Same as in '90

We face a nearly identical choice for county executive as we did in 1990. We got it right then, I hope we get it right now. John Gary has the guts to make the tough choices our county executive will be forced to face in the coming years. John Gary has the strength of character to deflect the demands of the special interest groups Ted Sophocleus panders to. Sophocleus thumbed his nose at the taxpayers when he voted for a lucrative pension for himself. . . .

Mary Chaput

Shipley's Choice

Evans' Market

Although I can't vote for her on Nov. 8, I am writing in support of Diane Evans for re-election to the Anne Arundel County Council from the 5th District. I am an Eastern Shore resident, but I genuinely enjoy shopping at the farmers market on Ritchie Highway that Mrs. Evans was instrumental in getting started. . . .

Irma Tillman


For Chaney

A friend received a "Dear South County Voter" letter dated Oct. 7, 1994, from John Klocko in which he has as his last paragraph: "You have a choice this November. My opponent has demonstrated a questionable commitment to the environment and wetlands preservation."

In what way has Dorothy Chancy (his opponent for County Council in District 7) demonstrated a questionable commitment to the environment and wetlands preservation? . . . Her husband, E. Steuart Chancy, president of Herrington Harbour, Inc., was accused of illegally filling wetlands on his waterfront property. The U.S. Corps of Engineers has cleared Steuart of those charges. On Oct. 2, in a public meeting at the Holland Point Civic Center, Steuart presented a well-documented slide presentation of the history of this property dating from Joseph Rose's ownership. . . .

Dorothy Chaney is an environmentally concerned individual; for controlled growth in Anne Arundel County; constituent-oriented, and very interested in our education system. Her expertise is needed on the County Council.

Evadean Lint

Rose Haven

For Holland

I am writing this letter in support of Carl G. "Dutch" Holland, candidate for a second term on the Anne Arundel County Council representing the 3rd District.

Dutch has been very responsive over the past four years to constituent needs and services and has "been there" for us on numerous occasions when we needed him. . . .

Many of us in his district find it hard to fathom why a certain environmental group doesn't support him after his considerable efforts to resolve the fly ash disposal problems in the Solley Road area in favor of the residents there.

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