Barlett's stand on crime, welfare in 6th District race CAMPAIGN 1994

November 03, 1994

Republican Roscoe G. Bartlett's stand on some issues of the 1994 6th District congressional race.

* Crime: Stiffer sentences for violent criminals. Make inmates serve entire sentences. Reduce crime by getting repeat criminals off the street. Remove appeals on death penalty cases.

* Health care reform: Reform proposals must encourage competition and make consumers careful shoppers. Get away from third-party payer system. Address problem of losing benefits when people switch jobs. Have employee, not employer, own coverage. Against employer mandates.

* Welfare reform: Supports programs that move people off welfare onto the working rolls. Has co-sponsored a bill in which welfare recipients, after two years, must get a job or do work for the state in exchange for continued benefits.

* Deficit: Consistently says cutting government spending is the first way to reduce the deficit. Increasing taxes is not the answer, because this has led to more government spending.

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