Muldowney's stand on crime, welfare in 6th District race CAMPAIGN 1994

November 03, 1994

Democrat Paul Muldowney's stand on some issues of the 6th District congressional race.

* Crime: Supports mandatory sentencing for all violent crimes. Supports increasing the number of crimes punishable by death. Prison conditions should reflect punitive nature of incarceration. Rehabilitation programs to be limited to inmates committed to reform.

* Health care reform: Against mandated employer payments. Americans should have access to group health insurance plans. Employees and employers, not government, should decide who

pays. If person is out of work, government could help pay the health insurance premiums similar to the way it pays unemployment compensation.

* Welfare reform: If a parent on welfare has more children, the child should still get health care and nutritional assistance, but the cash payment to the parent should be eliminated. Welfare recipients who find jobs should be able to keep some of the money without losing benefits.

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