McCade, Flanagan, Kittleman in 14th

November 01, 1994

District 14, which covers all of the area west of Clarksville Pike (Route 108), is the only part of Howard County where Republicans dominate. Largely rural and conservative, this district, which includes a portion of Montgomery County, has nurtured several GOP leaders who are poised to take on greater roles in Annapolis.

Given the apparent mood of the district and the potential of the candidates, Sen. Christopher J. McCabe deserves re-election. A year-old development officer, Mr. McCabe has proven to be an effective legislator who has been active on such issues as adoption and ethics reform. While his views against abortion give us pause, he has conceded that Marylanders want choice retained. Moreover, his fiscal conservatism and position on welfare reform are well considered.

The Democratic challenger, James P. Mundy, is a Howard County teacher who has been voted Teacher of the Year four times. He's a formidable opponent, but lacks experience in politics.

In the race for two seats to the House of Delegates from District 14B -- the 14A seat is in Montgomery County -- two Republicans are seeking re-election. They are Robert L. Flanagan, a lawyer who chairs the Howard delegation, and Robert H. Kittleman, an engineer who serves as minority whip. Both have our endorsement.

Mr. Flanagan's sharp legal mind and Mr. Kittleman's likely rise to minority leader make them valuable assets to the county. Both have been strong advocates for welfare reform and tougher penalties against lawbreakers.

Their opponents, Democrats Andrew D. Levy and Carolyn H. Willis, have run impressive campaigns, espousing fiscal conservatism and moderate social agendas. Mr. Levy, an attorney, has a strong interest in reigning in the growth of Medicaid funding and increasing school construction funding for the district. Ms. Willis, a public relations expert, is a strong advocate of handgun control and growth management that lessens suburban sprawl. But they would put the district in the unenviable position of having freshman legislators, as opposed to delegates who have already exhibited leadership qualities in Annapolis.

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