Slinging MudUntil a few days ago, the 2d Congressional...


November 01, 1994

Slinging Mud

Until a few days ago, the 2d Congressional District race had been remarkably free of the nastiness and attack advertising which have characterized this election year.

Unfortunately, it now appears that Del. Gerry Brewster has decided to sling mud at his opponent, Del. Bob Ehrlich, in their contest to determine the successor to Helen Bentley.

Mr. Brewster is running television commercials which accuse Mr. Ehrlich of being "soft on crime," and which distort his voting record in the House of Delegates.

In point of fact, both Mr. Brewster and Mr. Ehrlich were named "Co-Legislator of the Year" by the Maryland State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, and several years ago, Mr. Ehrlich was named "Legislator of the Year" by the Maryland State's Attorneys Association.

Bob Ehrlich has a long history of support for meaningful anti-crime legislation; to try to argue otherwise is downright silly.

Giffen B. Nickol

Bel Air

Different Memory

The Oct. 25 debate between Roger Hayden and Dutch Ruppersberger compels me to address a matter.

I am getting weary of hearing Mr. Ruppersberger boast of glorious accomplishments in returning calm to the country educational school system. My memory and his recall differ greatly.

When PRIDE, a grass roots parent movement, began to call for appropriate treatment and respect from the school system, many letters and calls came in with horror stories and concerns. Among documents were copies of letters sent to Mr. Ruppersberger from his constituents begging for help.

He knew of the problems and questionable practices in the educational world before anyone else in leadership. He and the present County Council members pleaded helplessness against an autonomous Board of Education. He and the others did nothing of value.

It took Roger Hayden to call forth for some action and outlet for the parents of the county.

He initiated the memorable Loch Raven meeting. Mr. Hayden took a public stand for parents and openly voiced his misgivings and mistrust of the school superintendent. He was aware and uneasy of the man's reputation.

Keep the record straight. Mr. Hayden helped the parents. Mr. Hayden listened and responded.

Shirley Giberson

Upper Falls

Term Limits

Regarding various candidates who are vociferously espousing the cry for term limits, the facts do not support their case.

I have been in the House of Delegates for 12 years and chose not to seek re-election this year.

I recently looked at my 1985 Maryland Manual to see how many of my colleagues of that time will be back in the House of Delegates as of the 1994 primary election. Out of the 141 members in the 1985 House of Delegates, 102 people will not be in the House chamber come January, 1995.

In other words, there is a turnover of 72.34 percent in just 10 years. Looking at the Senate figures, 29 of the 47 senators in 1985 will not be back in 1995, or over 62 percent.

I'd say our current electoral system is doing a very good job of limiting the terms of the General Assembly without any need for mischievous term limit laws.

Let the voters continue to make their choices, and let candidates espousing term limit views get their facts straight.

Lawrence A. LaMotte


For Peace in Israel

The three terrorist attacks in Israel within nine days last month generate profound sorrow and outrage among all peace-seeking people.

In this land, so often the arena of conflict and human suffering, there is now the possibility of real and lasting peace. Egypt, the Palestine Liberation Organization and Jordan have come to see that peaceful co-existence offers more than senseless violence and bloodshed. The deliberate attempt to derail the process of peace threatens to turn hope into despair among the Israeli people, who have known little more than a fragile peace since 1948.

It also creates yet another barrier to the struggle for peace among Palestinians who see their futures jeopardized by these vicious attacks.

We write as concerned Christians who stand in solidarity with the Jewish people and with all those committed to peace in Israel. In a time of crisis, friends need to articulate support and not expect it is assumed.

We applaud the leadership which pursues the path of peace even in the face of these acts of terrorism.

We call on our Christian sisters and brothers to join us in letting our Jewish friends know that they are not alone in the pursuit of peace in Israel.

P. Francis Murphy

Robert P. Patterson


The writers are, respectively, (Catholic) auxiliary bishop of Baltimore and former rector of the (Episcopalian) Church of the Redeemer.

Greater Homewood's Role in Charles Village

I am writing to respond to the various accusations made against the Greater Homewood Community Corporation, Inc. and its role in the Charles Village Community Benefits District in earlier letters.

In his Sept. 28 letter, Grenville Whitman charges that "the effort to promote the proposal is being led by the Greater Homewood Community Corporation."

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