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November 01, 1994|By Thomas W. Waldron Gun owners donate money to Sauerbrey

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ellen R. Sauerbrey filed a complaint yesterday with the state attorney general's office about a memo prepared by aides to the governor that projects the potential impact of her proposal to cut income taxes.

"This document is a piece of campaign propaganda prepared to promote the gubernatorial campaign of Parris Glendening, prepared by state employees, presumably on state time and using state property," Mrs. Sauerbrey wrote to Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr. "There is no attempt to hide the political nature and bias of the piece."

Mrs. Sauerbrey's letter said the memo may constitute either an inappropriate campaign contribution or a criminal use of state funds.

Compiled by state personnel Secretary Joseph Adler, the memo contends that more than 3,200 state employees would lose their jobs if Mrs. Sauerbrey enacts her promised 6 percent income tax cut during her first year in office.

Mr. Adler said he prepared the memo after state employees asked him and other state officials about the impact of the cut, which he said was discussed at a meeting of Gov. William Donald Schaefer's Cabinet.

"It really was an attempt to get a set of facts so we all speak off the same sheet," Mr. Adler said.

The memo was sent to Cabinet secretaries, state employees unions, as well as Mr. Glendening, Mrs. Sauerbrey's Democratic opponent, Mr. Adler said.

Eric Andrus, a spokesman for Mr. Glendening, said the campaign had no plans to use the memo in its advertising.

The projections of massive layoffs are unrealistic, according to Carol L. Hirschburg, a spokeswoman for Mrs. Sauerbrey.

"It's the typical Democrat reaction to any suggestion of cutting government, which is focus on essential services instead of waste," Ms. Hirschburg said.

The attorney general's office late yesterday forwarded the complaint to the office of the state prosecutor, which investigates charges of official corruption, said Michael Enright, a spokesman for Mr. Curran. You could call the effort "Shotgun Shells for Sauerbrey."

Gun shop owners, hunters and other gun owners who want Republican Ellen R. Sauerbrey to be Maryland's next governor have donated $20,170 to an independent committee working on her behalf. Much of the money was raised through a $5-a-ticket raffle in which the prizes are a semiautomatic pistol, a pair of expensive shotguns and four cases of 12-gauge shotgun shells.

Winners will be picked Nov. 8, Election Day.

The weapons were all donated by Sanford M. Abrams of Silver Spring, part-owner of Valley Guns in Parkville and head of the Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association.

Mrs. Sauerbrey has been popular with gun owners, in part due to her consistent opposition to gun control laws. She says they are ineffective in fighting crime and prefers mandatory sentences for those who use firearms during crimes instead.

Her Democratic opponent, Parris N. Glendening, has said her views on gun control are out of sync with the thinking of most


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