Endorsements in District 13

October 31, 1994

The voters of District 13 are a diverse group. Mostly Democrats, they nonetheless comprise a wide spectrum of views and differing community interests. From the more liberal East Columbia to the more conservative Laurel and northern Prince George's County, District 13 cuts a wide and varied swath through central Maryland.

The race for state Senate from this district typifies the opposing poles of opinion in the community. Democratic Del. Virginia M. Thomas, generally regarded as liberal and with a stronghold in Columbia, is squaring off against Republican Del. Martin G. Madden, whose more conservative stands make him a favorite outside the city. Both candidates have General Assembly records that they hope will garner them this promotion. But it is Mr. Madden who has built the more solid base from which to assure Howard County its proper influence in Annapolis.

Despite his minority party status, Mr. Madden has proven in his freshman stint as a delegate that he can work with members of both parties to bring about needed change in state government. And though we feel that Mr. Madden's bill that would have imposed new ethics rules on Howard County Council members did not go far enough, we commend his efforts.

Ms. Thomas, for her part, has been a determined and formidable legislator. But we have reservations about her ability to work with colleagues. With changes in the state's political landscape afoot, Howard County would benefit from a consensus-builder in the Senate. Mr. Madden is our choice for the job.

In the race for the House of Delegates from District 13A, we endorse Democrat Frank S. Turner, an assistant college professor from Columbia, and Republican Michael Grasso, a computer science software engineer from Laurel. Though they differ on some key issues, together they would well serve the interests of their diverse communities.

Finally, in District 13B, our endorsement goes to Republican John S. Morgan, a senior engineer at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. Mr. Morgan, a Laurel resident, is seeking his second term to the House of Delegates. In his first term, he served on several key committees, including the Judiciary Committee, where he pushed for much-needed juvenile justice reform.

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