Sulin, Love and Dixon in District 32

October 31, 1994

From a proposed Redskins football stadium in Laurel to a new light-rail station in Linthicum, the 32nd Legislative District has seen more than its share of controversy this past year. It's a shame that the candidates running for its seats in the House of Delegates are so mediocre or inexperienced. You know you're in trouble when one contender's resume lists his elementary school, and another mentions an Eagle Scout honor won in 1957.

The two incumbents, Democrats Victor A. Sulin and Mary Ann Love, have been adequate but not outstanding. Nonetheless, they are better than the Republican challengers: Michael W. Burns, who is intelligent but has a troubling history of ultra-conservatism; Jim Rzepkowski, a bright 23-year-old who nevertheless lacks the life experience we prefer in our representatives; and Gerald P. Starr, a one-dimensional civic leader from Linthicum.

Mr. Sulin, elected in 1990, has demonstrated some leadership ability by becoming the chairman of the Anne Arundel delegation last year. (The chairman controls what county issues the delegation takes up and when.) Mr. Sulin has broad experience as a lawyer, small businessman and currently is deputy director of the county's Office of Planning and Code Enforcement.

Ms. Love, who works in the county's Department of Aging, was appointed last year to fill the position of the late Patrick C. Scannello. Although she was a quiet legislator, she is an intelligent woman who, prior to her appointment, showed leadership as head of the county Democratic Party. She works well with other lawmakers and serves her constituents. She received a high rating from the Anne Arundel Trade Council for her work in economic development. We hope to see her prove herself with a full four-year term.

The third seat should go to Thomas H. Dixon III, a personnel manager for the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF). Mr. Dixon has a history of community activism, first with the Greater Ferndale Community Association and now as president of the Village of Old Mill Community Association. He is familiar with the General Assembly, having helped to draft bills and testify on state personnel and community issues.

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