Shlomo Goren, a former chief rabbi of Israel and an...


October 31, 1994

Shlomo Goren, a former chief rabbi of Israel and an outspoken critic of Israeli reconciliation with the Palestine Liberation Organization, died Saturday after suffering a heart attack. He was 77. Rabbi Goren, who served as Israel's chief rabbi from 1973-1983, was often at the center of controversy. A year ago, he issued a religious ruling that soldiers could refuse orders to dismantle Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. Rabbi Goren's call for disobedience was given special weight because he served as chief military chaplain during the 1967 Middle East War, reaching the rank of brigadier general. Shortly after the September 1993 Israel-PLO accord on autonomy, he pronounced that every Jew was commanded to kill PLO chief Yasser Arafat.

Agnes Frank, a beloved German stage and screen actress, died at age 74, relatives said Saturday.

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