The League of Women Voters' guide to candidates for the general election CAMPAIGN 1994

October 30, 1994

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that works to promote political reponsibility through the informed and active participation of citizens in their governemnt. The League does not support or oppose any political party or candidate.

The candidates' answers appear as submitted in reponse to a nonpartisan questionnaire. If answers exceeded the specified word limitation, the additional words were cut where practical, or at the end of the candidate's statement. All candidates were asked the same questions as other candidates running for the same office.

An asterisk (*) denotes incumbents.

The League assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. This guide was produced by The Sun in cooperation with the League.


, POLLS OPEN: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


The attorney general serves as legal counsel to the governor, the General Assembly, the judiciary, and to most departments, boards and commissions of the state.

Questions asked of candidates for attorney general, with answers limited to 50 words:

Environment: What are your views on the enforcement of consumer and environmental protection?

Crime: What is your position on licensing purchasers of guns and registration of guns as well as other means of preventing and controlling crime?

*J. Joseph Curran Jr.


Age: 63

Residence: Baltimore City

Education: Advanced degree

Experience: (Work) Law practice, 22 years. (Volunteer) Director, Maryland Higher Education Loan Program; March of Dimes. (Political) Delegate; senator; lieutenant governor; attorney general 1986-present. (Awards) Outstanding Elected Official of Year, 1990: Robert Kennedy/M.L. King Award, 1988.

Environment: I support the vigorous, but fair, enforcement of consumer and environmental protection laws. This is what I have done for the past eight years as attorney general. Actions have been brought to protect defrauded consumers and we have sent environmental polluters to jail.

Crime: No issue more clearly defines my public career than gun )) control. I have long supported strong gun control legislation. I support licensing of purchasers and gun registration. I will support a comprehensive gun bill in 1995. Gun control is a first step toward crime control.

Richard D. Bennett


Age: 46

Residence: Baltimore County

Education: B.A.; LL.B.

Experience: (Work) Former federal prosecutor and U.S. attorney for Maryland. (Volunteer) Major, Maryland National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve; Board of Visitors, University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. (Awards) Outstanding Service Award, Maryland State's Attorneys' Association.

Environment: I believe consumer and environmental protection -- along with fighting crime -- are the key responsibilities of the attorney general. I would aggressively challenge those who would violate Maryland's laws on these matters.

Crime: I support a ban on assault weapons and a waiting period before a handgun can be purchased. I believe an instant check for a criminal record and tougher penalties on the misuse of firearms would be more effective than licensing guns.

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