The League of Women Voters' guide to candidates for the general election CAMPAIGN 1994

October 30, 1994

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that works to promote political reponsibility through the informed and active participation of citizens in their governemnt. The League does not support or oppose any political party or candidate.

The candidates' answers appear as submitted in reponse to a nonpartisan questionnaire. If answers exceeded the specified word limitation, the additional words were cut where practical, or at the end of the candidate's statement. All candidates were asked the same questions as other candidates running for the same office.

An asterisk (*) denotes incumbents.

The League assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. This guide was produced by The Sun in cooperation with the League.


, POLLS OPEN: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


The comptroller exercises general superintendence over the fiscal affairs of the state, preparing plans for the improvement and management of revenue to support the public credit.

Questions asked of candidates for the office of comptroller, with answers limited to 50 words:

Fiscal Management: What procedures do you propose for sound fiscal management of state revenues?

Public Works: How would you as a member of the Board of Public Works serve the public interest?

*Louis L. Goldstein


Age: 81

Residence: Calvert County

Education: B.S. Washington College; J.D. School of Law.

Experience: (Work) State comptroller, 1959-present; practicing attorney, 1939-1959. (Volunteer) Board chairman, Washington College. (Political) Maryland Senate, 1947-1959; House of Delegates, 1938-1942. (Awards) National awards for management, accounting and financial reporting.

Fiscal Management: The comptroller must remain an independent officer responsible for accounting and financial reporting to accurately record the state's assets and liabilities, avoiding political misrepresentation. The comptroller must insist on checks and balances in the handling of state revenues. Ongoing reorganization will improve revenue collection and compliance activities.

Public works: I have served as the people's representative on the Board of Public Works throughout my tenure as state comptroller, insisting on competitive bidding, efficient use of state-owned, land purchasing instead of renting space where economical, and protecting Maryland's Triple A General Obligation Bond rating, which saves millions of taxpayer dollars each year.

Timothy R. Mayberry


Age: 38

Residence: Washington County

Education: B.A.; M.B.A.

Experience: (Work) Career banking executive, 15 years' experience; adviser to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (Volunteer) St. Mark's Episcopal Church.

Fiscal Management: Updating/correcting management/collection/revenue abatement problems in comptroller office can save more than $150 million; plan specifics not possible in 50 words but detailed plan is in hand to be available near primary. Will use banking background/regulatory experience to assist/advise state leadership re. debt retirement, tax reform.

Public Works: Readjust procedures to pay contractors on time, saving state penalties; insure large/small minority businesses increased opportunity to bid for state services. Require all road/other repair contractors to warrantee work. Will develop means insuring compatibility between citizen/business needs and environmental concerns; will consider privatization certain services currently state run.

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