75 Years Ago* A five-week old girl baby, warmly wrapped in...


October 30, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

75 Years Ago

* A five-week old girl baby, warmly wrapped in blankets, was found in a basket near Clear Spring by Samuel McCarthy and taken to the home of Mrs. William Snyder, who, when presented with the abandoned child, joyfully said she had been praying for weeks that a girl baby might be sent her.

McCarthy, aroused by faint cries in the bushes, secured a gun from his house and twice raised the weapon to shoot at the basket, which he at first took for an animal.

A note pinned to the baby's clothes stated that the mother lived in Detroit; that her husband had put her and the baby out of an automobile on top of Fairview Mountain; that the baby's name was Frances Virginia, and that the mother some day would call for the child. "Please take care of my baby and feed her on condensed milk," the note concluded. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Oct. 24, 1919.

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