Sophocleus $45,000 ahead of Gary CAMPAIGN 1994

October 30, 1994|By John Rivera | John Rivera,Sun Staff Writer

With the election for county executive a little more than a week away, Democrat Theodore J. Sophocleus is enjoying a $45,000 edge in fund raising over Republican John G. Gary, according to campaign finance reports filed Friday.

Mr. Sophocleus took in $98,384 since the last report was filed Aug. 16. During the same period, Mr. Gary collected $53,442, with almost equal amounts coming from outright contributions and ticket sales for his fund-raisers.

Included in Mr. Sophocleus' receipts is a $15,000 loan from Peter G. Angelos, owner of the Orioles. Mr. Angelos lent the money to Mr. Sophocleus Sept. 9 at 6.75 percent interest.

"I've known Pete my whole life," Mr. Sophocleus said. "He was one of my brother's best friends. . . . We grew up together; we're family friends. He's just one of the guys from Highlandtown who made it big."

Mr. Sophocleus also leads in the total amount of money raised in the campaign, with $220,284 to Mr. Gary's $177,474.

"It puts us in a good position, it puts us in range of our projected budget," said Mr. Sophocleus. He estimated that he would have to raise about $120,000 between the primary and the general elections to wage an effective campaign. Nearly half of his money -- 47.4 percent -- has come in the form of outright cash contributions.

Since Aug. 16, Mr. Gary has spent his money faster than it has come in, spending $58,336. Most of it went for fund-raising expenses, about $14,000, and for professional services, including $2,135 for his campaign manager, Lawrence R. Telford, and $9,500 to an Alexandria, Va., public polling firm. His report shows that he has about $15,300 left.

Mr. Sophocleus spent nearly $85,000 since the last campaign finance report in August and showed a cash balance of more than $25,000.

The biggest expenses for Mr. Sophocleus were a little more than $24,000 for campaign signs and leaflets, about $23,000 for postage and more than $26,000 for media advertisements, principally television and newspaper ads. Mr. Sophocleus is spending heavily on television exposure, paying a little more than $18,000 to produce and air campaign spots on local cable channels.

Mr. Gary, who apparently is shunning a recent trend by candidates attracted by affordable rates on local cable channels, spent no money on television. Instead, he spent $5,100 on newspaper advertisements. Mr. Gary's top contributor is Dillon's Bus Service of Millersville, which has given him $3,900. Other top contributors include Dales Manor Development of Annapolis, $2,645; Mr. and Mrs. William Wroton of Glen Burnie, $2,500; and Harold C. Donofrio of Baltimore, $2,015.

Mr. Gary could not be reached last night for comment.

Mr. Sophocleus' report showed contributions totaling $4,000 each from Gilbert Mobley of Baltimore; J&M Homes of Kearneysville, W.Va.; and Eastern Homes of Jessup.

In addition, companies connected to MIE Investors of Catonsville, which builds and manages warehouses, contributed $11,000 to Mr. Sophocleus' campaign under the names of 10 companies.

MIE Investors owns and manages BWI Commerce Park on Dorsey Road, the I-97 Business Center in Millersville, and the Lake Shore Plaza and Olde Mill Shopping Center in Pasadena.

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