Endorsements in District 31

October 28, 1994

Nancy M. Schrum, the Republican challenger for state Senate in District 31, has been nothing if not bold about criticizing two-term incumbent Sen. Philip C. Jimeno. She's accused him of being little more than a seat-warmer in Annapolis, without integrity or leadership ability. Mrs. Schrum must have the senator confused with someone else. The leader of the local Senate delegation, Mr. Jimeno has been an active constituent servant and party leader, and no slouch at bringing money back to his district.

Mrs. Schrum's experience has been limited to school activities; recently the Anne Arundel County School Board Nominating Convention chose her to fill a board seat (ironically, Mr. Jimeno endorsed her for that job), but she was overlooked by County Executive Robert R. Neall. Mr. Jimeno, in contrast, boasts legislative experience on issues such as drunk driving, drug abuse, child abuse and domestic violence. Though fiercely partisan, he is a moderate. District voters should re-elect him.

In the District 31 House of Delegates campaign, the Democratic choices are incumbents Joan Cadden, W. Ray Huff and C. Stokes Kolodziejski; the GOP offers former delegate John R. Leopold; Douglas Arnold, 26, a party activist and budget officer for the Clerk of the Court; and Victoria Schade, a 23-year-old legislative aide. We recommend Mrs. Cadden, Mr. Huff and Mr. Arnold.

Mrs. Cadden, who is seeking her second term, is a dogged constituent servant and the delegation's staunchest education advocate. During her first year, she was named to the powerful Appropriations Committee, won funding for a new Solley Elementary, authored a law to disclose pensions of elected and appointed officials and reflected her district's opposition to a Glen Burnie jail.

Mr. Huff is not a brilliant or powerful lawmaker, but since 1986 he has contributed as a team player, and last session found his way onto a key money committee. He is more energetic and more effective than Mr. Kolodziejski.

As for Mr. Arnold, since he ran for the House in 1990 he has gained fiscal experience through his work at the courthouse. He would be a voice for conservative voters in this Democratic stronghold.

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