Flamingo chick is hatched at Baltimore Zoo

October 28, 1994

The hatching of a lesser flamingo chick -- an event that has happened only at one other wildlife park in North America -- was announced yesterday by the Baltimore Zoo.

The chick emerged Saturday on a mud nest in the basement of the Hippo House, attended by its parents and the other 30 adult birds in the zoo flock.

The birds -- native to the shallow lagoons and lakes of southern and eastern Africa, Madagascar and northwest India -- are accustomed to warm weather and are kept indoors, off exhibit during the cool months.

While not endangered in the wild, the lesser flamingo is less often exhibited in North American zoos than is the more weather-resistant and much taller Caribbean variety.

With trade restrictions on African birds prohibiting their import now, captive breeding of the lesser flamingo is of increasing importance, zoo officials said.

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