Board rejects proposal for gas pumps at High's

October 28, 1994

The county Planning Board yesterday failed to approve a plan to install gas pumps at the new High's convenience store in the West Friendship Shopping Center.

Members voted 2-2, which is one vote short of a recommendation to approve the zoning special exception needed for the pumps.

Two members, Chairwoman Joan Lancos and Theodore Mariani, said the plan met the requirements for approval, but opposing member Cathy Hartman argued that High's did not prove a gas station was needed in the area. The other opponent, Dale Schumacher, worried that the three pumps would harm the surrounding neighborhood.

Three years ago, West Friendship residents successfully fought Exxon's attempt to get a special exception for a much larger gas station.

Repeating many of the same arguments against High's, residents told the board in two hearings that they feared a gas station would attract Interstate 70 motorists, who would clog Routes 32 and 144, as well as overburden a septic field next to the shopping center. They also said they feared the gas pumps would pollute the adjacent Terrapin Creek.

The issue will be decided by the county Board of Appeals, which will hold another hearing Nov. 10.

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