Children's book on Earhart gets off to a flying start

October 28, 1994|By SYLVIA BADGER

"Amelia," children's story about a little girl, her father and the spirit of Amelia Earhart, is certain to take Baltimore by storm. It was written by Baltimorean Fred Wehr and illustrated by Becky Irish, who recently graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art.

Mr. Wehr and his wife, Sylvia Eggleston Wehr, are having a book signing party at the L'Hirondelle Club in Ruxton Thursdayfor family and friends. Mr. Wehr, a former stunt pilot, will share the spotlight with a number of local people who share his love of flying. Some will be there in person and others will be seen in a photographs, such as Frances Haussner, owner of the East Baltimore restaurant, standing by her Waco F. Biplane in 1931 at Old Curtiss-Wright Airport on Smith Avenue; Theodore Chandlee, during WWII, standing by his Grumman Wildcat Navy fighter plane; Duncan MacKenzie in his Curtiss P-40 of the Royal Canadian Air Force; Sam Silber and his squadron of F6F Hellcats; and the late Blanche Noyes with her fellow pilot Earhart, and the late Howard Baetjer in the cockpit of his British Spitfire. In other photos you'll see Gen. Kendall Young, Matthew Fenton, Stewart Mitchell, Evans Smith, Sydney King, Ned Surratt, and the late Jack Page and Dewey Noyes.

According to Jan Hurgronje, president of Nautical and Aviation Publishing, "Amelia" is a book for 7-12-year-olds, but their grandparents may be reminded of the "golden age of aviation," the days of airplanes like the Gee Bee racer, the Boeing F4B-4, the Curtiss Jenny, and dirigibles Akron and Macon.

Sounds like a wonderful holiday present. The $15.95 book may be purchased at area bookstores.

If you are one of the millions of women who suffer from some form of depression, you might be interested in a recently released Bantam paperback, "Bright Words for Dark Days." It's a daily meditation filled with wonderful stories that were written by Caroline Adams Miller, who lives in Bethesda. She's the author of several other self-help books and the founder of the Foundation for Education about Eating Disorders.

Congratulations to...

* Betty Hodgson, who won $100 in the first game of "Jeoparty" at Winterling's Restaurant. Her competitors were Bridget Lowy, who works at Dartrans Custom Brokers with Betty, and John Fleck, who was there with his wife and business partner at Machining Unlimited, Bonnie, and their friend from Boston, Jeff Lazarus . . .

* Phyllis Brotman, president of Image Dynamics, who will be honored by the B'Nai B'rith Women of Greater Baltimore, Sunday at the Stouffer Harborplace Hotel. An award will recognize her 50 years of continuous service to our community . . .

Had a nice chat with an old friend, Roger Goss, formerly with WBAL-AM radio. He says he's having a wonderful time as the station manager at WAMD-AM in Harford County, which is the county's voice of the Baltimore Orioles . . .

Oops! The new national magazine I told you about last week, published in Baltimore and targets young girls, ages 8-14, is named Girl's Life, not Girl's Week. Apologies to Eric Dott and Karen Bokrum.

I plan to run a calendar of December events Nov. 27. If you would like yours included, I must have the information by Nov. 9. Please include pertinent information and a telephone number, and mail to my attention, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21278, or send a fax to me at (410) 783-2519.

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