Students found smoking in school face fine

October 27, 1994

Anne Arundel County students repeatedly caught smoking cigarettes in school after Tuesday could find themselves in trouble with police.

Under a new policy announced yesterday, any student caught smoking in school for the third time will be reported to the county police, who will issue a juvenile citation.

The police could make the student attend a program to quit smoking, assign the student up to a supervised work program for 40 hours, require parents to withdraw the student's permission to drive and notify the Motor Vehicle Administration that consent to drive has been withdrawn.

In addition, the charges, which carry a possible fine of up to $100, could be referred to the state's attorney's office.

The new policy coincides with a change in state law, said Jane Doyle, a school spokeswoman.

"Only 13 students were caught smoking three times," Ms. Doyle said. "We don't have many repeat offenders."

A student caught smoking for the first time is required to participate in the schools' Anti-Tobacco Use Program. The second time, a student is suspended for five days and required to attend the anti-smoking program.

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