Dixon, Getty and Willis for District 5

October 27, 1994

The three delegates in the Fifth Legislative District have the burden of serving as psuedo-county councilmen as well as state legislators.

Because Carroll County has no charter, the state legislature reviews all local bills. In other metropolitan counties, these bills are handled by county councils. Thus, Carroll delegates find themselves shepherding local bills through a General Assembly that has little interest in them. These delegates must also be agile enough to focus attention on statewide economic and social matters.

Given the meager size of the county delegation, electing candidates who take popular campaign positions but won't have much clout during the 90-day legislative session doesn't make much sense. To assemble their most effective delegation possible, Carroll voters should elect Richard N. Dixon, Joseph Getty and Ellen Willis to the House of Delegates.

Mr. Dixon, a delegate since 1983, has the seniority to become a major player in the House. The Democrat sits on the powerful Appropriations Committee and is House chairman of two joint House-Senate committees. He has developed a record of delivering needed legislation for Carroll County; he is a staunch fiscal conservative, and he has supported important environmental initiatives.

Mr. Getty, a moderate Republican, mounts convincing arguments on behalf of measures he supports. He also recognizes Baltimore is the economic and cultural linchpin of the metropolitan area. Mr. Getty would bring a much-needed pragmatic perspective to the county's GOP ranks.

Ms. Willis, director of Carroll Community College's business and industry training program, also would bring a needed perspective to Annapolis. She knows the value that government job training programs play in economic development. She has been active in Democratic Party politics and could tap those contacts to help advance Carroll's interests.

As for the other candidates in the delegate race, the strong partisanship of GOP nominees Nancy Stocksdale and W. David Blair would render them ineffective in Annapolis. And Democrat Philip Deitchman's campaign has been unimpressive since the primary.

Tomorrow: District 5-State Senate

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