Endorsements in Districts 10 and 11

October 27, 1994

An historic first is virtually certain to occur Nov. 8 in Baltimore County. On that date, African-Americans will likely be elected to the county's General Assembly delegation for the first time. The setting is the new black-majority 10th Legislative District, which embraces the upper end of the west county and a portion of West Baltimore.

The nominees for the Senate slot, crucial for its potential high visibility, are Democrat Delores G. Kelley of Randallstown, who was elected in 1990 as a city delegate, and Republican Jerome Goodman, an engineer and a Rockdale community activist. Like Ms. Kelley's opponents in the primary race, Mr. Goodman has made an issue of the Democrat's residency. It clearly didn't bother voters in the Sept. 13 primary, who chose Ms. Kelley by an overwhelming margin. Mr. Goodman has staged a generally competent campaign, but we see Ms. Kelley as the better choice for the experience and connections she has developed in Annapolis.

Running for the three House of Delegates seats are Democrats Emmett C. Burns Jr., Shirley Nathan-Pulliam and Joan N. Parker, and Republicans Clifton McDonald, Clifford Andrews and Beverly Goldstein. We recommend Mr. Burns, a pastor and a long-time official of the NAACP; Ms. Nathan-Pulliam, a nurse and a city central committee member, and Ms. Parker, a former state employee with an extensive background in civic work.

In the 11th Legislative District, the senatorial race is between two-term incumbent Democrat Paula Hollinger and Republican Richard Manski, a dentistry professor. While Mr. Manski's first run for public office has been energetic and thoughtful, we back the hard-working Ms. Hollinger for the leadership role she has played in the health care debate -- and should continue to play, especially now that the distraction of her primary battle with Sen. Janice Piccinini is behind her.

All three House of Delegates seats are open in the 11th. Hoping to fill them are Democrats Michael J. Finifter, Dan K. Morhaim and Robert L. Frank, and Republicans Michael Buchanan, Jodi L. Hammerman and Christian Cavey. Our idea of a bright, energetic and well-rounded team would be accountant-attorney Finifter, physician Morhaim and attorney Hammerman.

Tomorrow: Legislative Districts 12 and 47B.

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