Centennial clinches title with 4-0 win

October 26, 1994|By Rick Belz | Rick Belz,Sun Staff Writer

If nothing else, Centennial's 4-0 victory over Glenelg that clinched the Howard County championship offered a contrast in coaching styles.

No. 1 Centennial (10-0-2 overall, 7-0 league), which won its fourth straight county title, is led by Bill Stara, who is not afraid to bark across the field at his players to let them know he's displeased with their performance.

No. 13 Glenelg (7-4, 4-3) is led by soft-spoken John Bouman, who rarely castigates a player publicly, and on those occasions when he shows displeasure, his voice never would be mistaken for a bark.

Bouman may be having second thoughts about his coaching style after yesterday's game in which his team turned in another subpar performance.

"We haven't played well in four or five games. We're making mental mistakes and not playing with enthusiasm, and maybe I've just been too nice for too long," Bouman said. "There was no talk and no confidence among our players before the game, and that carried right into the game."

Glenelg gift-wrapped Centennial's first two goals.

Kris Dramby bounced a corner kick from Cort Yetso off his right thigh in the 13th minute, as Glenelg's defense stood motionless. Dramby gave Glenelg's Tony Marchegiano a shove into the goal and the ball went off Marchegiano for a score.

"We shouldn't be letting ourselves get shoved around," Bouman said. "We played with no fire. We shouldn't be intimidated, but all the sudden it's Centennial and we forget everything we ever learned."

In the 24th minute, Centennial took an indirect kick in front of the goal at about the 20-yard line. The ball was passed laterally to the left to Doug Ulman, who booted a shot around Glenelg's wall. Again, the Gladiators barely budged.

"Usually we line someone up on the right side to try and fake them out, but on this kick we didn't," Ulman said. "They knew we were going left. I only had to curve it a little bit."

Bouman then became so peeved at his starters that six minutes after the second goal he waved five of them off the field. They were joined shortly thereafter by two others -- emptying his bench.

Bouman benched those starters for the next 30 minutes. But he never yelled at them.

"They're just high school kids, so I thought I'd give them a second chance and let them play the last 25 minutes. But they didn't play any better," Bouman said.

In the 53rd minute, Centennial's Brian West (three goals, nine assists) took a throw-in from Andrew Peverly and scored at the near post.

"We should have at least made him go to the far post," Bouman said. "The goalkeeper should have been at the near post."

Ulman scored the final goal, his sixth of the season, off a cross from West.

The shutout was the seventh this season for Centennial, which has allowed just five goals.

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