Emory Methodist plans to hold 'Monday Night Celebrations'

October 26, 1994|By Bill Talbott | Bill Talbott,Sun Staff Writer

Emory United Methodist Church, responding to the population growth within the triangle of Reisterstown, Hampstead and Westminster, plans to experiment with a "Monday Night Celebration" that will be a bit different from the regular Sunday morning worship service.

The Rev. Kenneth McDonald said some of the changes will be in music, dress and location of the service.

He said he hopes to attract new members.

Pastor Ken, as he is known to the members of the red brick church on Route 91 (Emory Road), between Route 30 (Hanover Pike) and Route 140 (Baltimore Boulevard), said music for the Monday services will be provided by members and guests on a synthesizer, guitars and other instruments, rather than the organ heard during Sunday services.

Choral groups will also be invited to participate.

The Monday Night Celebrations will begin Monday, and will be conducted in the church's education building, built four years ago, rather than in the sanctuary.

Those who attend are invited to come in jeans, sweat pants, open-collar shirts, sweaters or other leisure wear, in place of the traditional attire of Sunday worshipers.

Mr. McDonald will not wear a clerical robe, his usual garb while offering the Sunday sermon. He will not wear a tie and will probably wear jeans, he said.

The minister said the Monday night program will allow those who go away on weekends, especially during the summer, to attend a weekly church service.

The sermon will basically be the same as on Sunday, but may be changed slightly for the younger audience. The program will be an informal and flexible one, where children might play in the aisles with a doll or a toy during the worship, the pastor said.

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