Endorsements in Districts 8 and 9

October 26, 1994

To cut into conservative strength in Maryland's Eighth Legislative District, Democratic redistricters acted two years ago drop some of the Eighth's more Republican precincts in favor of city neighborhoods and other areas that would be inclined to vote for Democrats. The lone Democratic incumbent from the district, Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell, will nonetheless have a hard time winning re-election. For one thing, the district remains largely conservative. For another, his GOP opponent, Del. John J. Bishop Jr., is a moderate who can appeal to voters from both parties. Mr. Bishop is an industrious legislator with a common-sense approach too rare in Annapolis. He deserves to step up to the Senate, especially given Mr. Bromwell's lackluster performance as leader of Baltimore County's Senate delegation since 1986.

The district's nominees to the House of Delegates are Democrats Katherine Klausmeier, Daniel E. McKew and John G. Disney, and Republicans Calvin Clemons, James F. Ports Jr. and Alfred W. Redmer Jr. (The latter two are incumbents.) Our choices are Ms. Klausmeier, a community activist who has run an assertive campaign; Mr. Clemons, a businessman who should bring needed fiscal know-how to the capital, and Mr. Redmer, who gets credit for trying to distance himself from his bad-cop sidekick, Mr. Ports, and thus establish an independent and serious reputation of his own.

The Ninth District Senate seat has been locked up by Republican F. Vernon Boozer, the respected incumbent, who faced no opposition in the primary and has another stroll in the Nov. 8 general election. The two House of Delegates seats in sub-district 9A are being contested by Democrats Raymond A. Huber and Shelley Buckingham, and GOP incumbents A. Wade Kach and Martha S. Klima. We support Ms. Buckingham, an American Lung Association lobbyist who should be strong on health and environmental matters, and Mr. Kach, who already has proven his commitment to the environment. The single 9B seat will go to Democrat Stephen W. Lafferty, a member of the county Planning Board, or Republican James M. Kelly, a banker. We back Mr. Lafferty, whose combination of community and government service has prepared him well for the House.

:. Tomorrow: Legislative Districts 10 and 11.

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