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October 25, 1994|By Richard Irwin


* STOLEN CAR: Northeastern District -- A 1991 Pontiac Grand Am with tags BAP 720 was stolen Sunday from the 1700 block of Meridene Road.

* ROBBERY: Eastern District -- A man was leaving a carryout in the 300 block of E. North Ave. Saturday night when a gunman robbed him of cash, a gold necklace, a gold ring and a Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. retirement ring.

* STOLEN CAR: Northern District -- A 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity with tags ZMF 672 was stolen over the weekend from the 1100 block of Ramblewood Road.

* THEFT/ARREST: Northern District -- Police arrested a woman who attempted to leave the Super Fresh store in the 6300 block of York Road Saturday without paying for 2 pounds of crab meat and six steaks, all valued at nearly $90.

* THEFT: Western District -- A VCR valued at more than $200 was stolen Sunday from a house in the 1600 block of Bakbury Court.

* THEFT: Western District -- A 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun, an equalizer and a tool box containing various tools valued at more than $400, were stolen Sunday from a car in the 300 block of N. Poppleton St.

* ROBBERY: Western District -- Police were seeking a man known as "Chop" who stole $6 from the grasp of a woman as she stood in the 1100 block of Clifton Ave. Sunday.

* STOLEN CAR: Western District -- A four-door light blue 1986 Ford with tags ACD 332 was stolen Sunday from the 1100 block of Mulberry St.


* BURGLARY: Towson Precinct -- Police were seeking a man who entered an apartment in the 6900 block of Lachlin Circle over the weekend and ransacked the dwelling. Nothing appeared to be missing.

* STOLEN CAR: Cockeysville Precinct -- A blue 1988 Acura Legend with tags ALZ 699 and valued at $9,000 was stolen Sunday from the 10300 block of Sunnylake Place.

* STOLEN CAR: Garrison Precinct -- A maroon 1992 GMC Yukon with tags 495132M and valued at $28,000 was stolen Sunday from the 6800 block of Liberty Road.

* STOLEN CAR: Garrison Precinct -- A 1985 Oldsmobile Regency with handicap tags 33950 and valued at nearly $4,000 was stolen Sunday from the 6900 block of Millbrook Drive.

Police Blotter is a representative, not comprehensive, list of crimes in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, reported by Richard Irwin.

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