Bounds, Cornick for School Board

October 25, 1994

Prior to the primary elections last month, we took the risk of endorsing Jamie M. Kendrick for the Howard County Board of Education. At age 19, Mr. Kendrick is striving to become the youngest member of the board ever. We dismissed concerns that he was too young for the job, citing his uncommon intelligent and competence.

The rigors of the ensuing campaign, however, have revealed to us that Mr. Kendrick may be unsuited for the heady responsibility of sitting on the school board at this time. Our change of heart was driven particularly by Mr. Kendrick's decision to bring nasty, partisan politics into an otherwise partisan-free election.

Instead, one of our two endorsements for the school board goes to Stephen C. Bounds, a 39-year-old attorney from Lisbon. Mr. Bounds expounds a conservative philosophy that appears in tune with the community's current mood for educational reform. He has deftly answered concerns raised about his conservative religious views, insisting they would not play a part in his policy-making decisions on the board.

Mr. Bounds' criticism of school programs that stress self-esteem development gives us pause, however. While we agree that such programs, when applied superficially, are ineffective, they can work wonders with underachievers when coupled with other efforts. Mr. Bounds needs to be more explicit about which programs he would target. At any rate, his comments do not override the generally favorable impression we have of his candidacy.

We also recommend that voters cast one of their two votes for the school board for Delroy L. Cornick, a 66-year-old retired college professor. His thoughtfulness, coupled with his background in education and business, are assets the board could use.

Comments by Mr. Cornick indicating that he is willing to listen to ideas about year-round schools have caused some who oppose that program to question his candidacy. We believe Mr. Cornick made the remarks to illustrate his commitment to listening to all points of view before forming a decision. That seems a prudent and respectful approach, and we do not believe it indicates Mr. Cornick has already decided to support such a sweeping initiative.

For Howard County Board of Education, we endorse Stephen C. Bounds and Delroy Cornick.

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