Finch, Miller in District 27B

October 25, 1994

Voters in District 27B are faced with a tough choice between two strong candidates for the House of Delegates. This is a rematch of the 1990 race between Republican Edward B. Finch and Democratic incumbent George W. Owings III.

Differentiating between the two is difficult; both espouse virtually the same positions on growth, smoking regulations, government spending and gun control. Both reflect the conservative views of the district, which straddles rural southern Anne Arundel County and the burgeoning northern section of Calvert County. Mr. Owings has a good record of constituent service, but we give the edge to Mr. Finch because of his more moderate, reasonable stands on gun control and tobacco issues.

A former chief administrative law judge for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Finch is no fan of gun regulations, but he says would have voted for the ban on assault weapons; Mr. Owings voted against it and sought a constitutional amendment to protect citizens' rights to bear arms. Mr. Finch believes the smoking controversy can be

solved by letting restaurants and businesses establish smoking

and non-smoking areas; Mr. Owings introduced a bill to end discrimination against smokers in the workplace.

Mr. Finch knows Anne Arundel and Calvert well. He now resides in Chesapeake Beach in Calvert but lived for 25 years in Anne Arundel's West River. A decorated World War II veteran, he has legal experience as a former prosecutor and judge. His familiarity with the EPA should be a boon to a district bordered by Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent River.

Like Mr. Owings, Mr. Finch promises to provide a conservative voice on fiscal issues. He advocates tougher prison sentences for criminals, but recognizes the need to contain spending on prison construction by finding alternative punishments for non-violent offenders.

The District's Senate race between Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, a Democrat, and Joan Austin, a Republican, is no contest. Mr. Miller deserves another term in office.

Tomorrow: House of Delegates District 30.

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