From The Sun Oct. 23-29, 1844Oct. 26: Dr. James Russell...


October 23, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Oct. 23-29, 1844

Oct. 26: Dr. James Russell was yesterday arrested by officer Roberts, on a bench warrant, charged with rioting and fighting at the polls of the twelveth ward, on the day of the recent election, and striking Mr. Matthew Clarke, one of the candidates for city council, with a stick.

Oct. 29: Unruly Boys -- These are not scarce about town, and by no means few in the neighborhood of Exeter Street, north of Pitt.

From The Sun Oct. 23-29, 1894

Oct. 23: No. 16 engine-house, at Commercial Wharf, which is the quarters for the officers and crew of the Cataract, was lighted by electricity last night for the first time.

Oct. 24: The county steam roller worked yesterday on Ruxton Road, near the railroad station. Today it will work on Charles Street Avenue.

From The Sun Oct. 23-29, 1944

Oct. 23: The Rev. Francis Murrman, C.P., chaplain for 32 years at St. Mary's Industrial School where he baptized Babe Ruth, of RTC baseball fame, when Ruth was a student there, died last night at Bon Secours Hospital, where he was a patient. He was 74.

Oct. 25: The Baltimore Afro-American in yesterday's edition of the paper announced its support of Gov. Thomas E. Dewey for president.

Oct. 26: Having seen "The Late George Apley," in Washington, it is pleasant to be able to report that it is the first big, unmistakable hit play of this season.

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