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Suddenly, everybody knows Faye Resnick

October 22, 1994|By David Margolick | David Margolick,New York Times News Service

In her book, which concludes with telephone numbers of women's help lines in all 50 states and Canada, Ms. Resnick recounts her unhappy and peripatetic childhood, in which her father abandoned her family and her stepfather regularly abused her for wetting the bed.

She describes her mother as a religious fanatic whose predictions that Armageddon would come in 1975 prompted Ms. Resnick to rush into her first sexual encounter beforehand.

Ms. Resnick attended law courses at a community college and later became a director of the John Robert Powers finishing and modeling school. She married briefly, then married again to a Lebanese man who was described by Ms. Resnick as "nutty as a fruitcake."

After several years in Europe, Ms. Resnick returned to California, where she and Mr. Resnick purchased for $1.4 million a home in Brentwood once owned by Michael Eisner, the chairman of Disney, then poured another $1.3 million into the renovation.

She became active in several charities, including the Beverly Hills P.T.A. and the Beverly Hills Education Foundation.

In the meantime, she got addicted to drugs -- "tooting and smoking coke two or three times a day," she wrote. "I honestly believed that I had beaten it after my second Betty Ford trip, but the pressure of watching Nicole's tragedy unfold weakened me."

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