It's Youar Call

October 21, 1994

RAMS: 1,835

STAY OUT: 1,930


You want an NFL team, but you also want the league to know what you think of it.

That's the result of the It's Your Call Poll conducted last week via Sundial, The Baltimore Sun's telephone information service. We asked you if you wanted the Los Angeles Rams or Tampa Bay Buccaneers to move to Baltimore or favored no NFL, team at all.

Among the 4,403 respondents, 2,473 (about 56 percent wanted one of the two teams and 1,930 (about 44 percent) wanted the NFL to stay out. And among those who want an NFL team, the Rams were the choice, 1,835-638.

Since Baltimore was shut out of NFL expansion last year, Orioles owner Peter Angelos has been pursuing both teams with the intention of moving one here.

In our poll, the "NFL Go Home" people expressed their feelings more passionately than the pro-NFL folks.

"I'm fed up with the NFL, I don't want to kowtow to them any more. I don't want one dime going into them," said Steve Howard of Stevenson.

"I wouldn't go to an NFL game in Baltimore if the tickets were free," said Steve Rosen of Hunt Valley.

Even among those favoring either the Rams of Bucs, there sometimes was a resigned tone to the responses.

"Even bad football is better than no football, and the CFL is nice, but the NFL is better. So let's go for the Rams," said Tom Kraning of Annapolis.


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