Ellen vs. Parris: Who Won?

October 21, 1994

Anyone who viewed the hour-long debate on public television Wednesday night between gubernatorial candidates Parris Glendening and Ellen Sauerbrey now knows a great deal about the sharp policy differences in this election. For a further elaboration, read the articles on the page opposite.

"Change" is the central issue, and how Republican Sauerbrey and Democrat Glendening define it. She wants to cut income XTC taxes and government spending. He wants to cut current spending, too -- so he can redirect money into new priorities.

Here's a summary of their debate stances:

* Guns. Mr. Glendening is for "responsible gun policy" that includes banning assault weapons. Ms. Sauerbrey opposes gun control because you are "disarming the law-abiding citizen" and criminals don't obey gun laws.

* Cutting taxes. Ms. Sauerbrey is determined to cut income taxes 24 percent. She says high taxes are driving businesses away. Mr. Glendening says the tax cut will mean higher property taxes and less money for education. He says there are ways to lower taxes without creating such trauma.

* Education changes. Ms. Sauerbrey wants to create a voucher system so any parent can send a child to private or parochial school. This will provide needed competition, she says. Mr. Glendening says is it wrong for public tax dollars to support private schools. He wants to put more money into the public schools.

* Environment. Ms. Sauerbrey says we need to balance environmental and business needs. Mr. Glendening claims she has a horrible environmental record.

* Economic development. Ms. Sauerbrey feels that a lower personal income tax, lower real estate settlement costs and less regulation will make Maryland competitive. Mr. Glendening says the state lacks a strategic plan, must reduce regulations and cut business taxes.

* Crime. Mr. Glendening urges truth in sentencing, boot camps and drug treatment for inmates. Ms. Sauerbrey wants a get-tough policy and an anti-crime plan that pulls together programs from all parts of government.

The Democratic candidate stresses his experience as Prince George's county executive and his methodical approach to downsizing government. Ms. Sauerbrey hammers away at her tax-cut plan and her cut-the-budget promise. He says this is a "pie in the sky" gimmick. She calls his approach typical of a tax-and-spend liberal. The gap between them is wide. Voters won't have trouble differentiating between the two candidates.

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