Lorsung for county council district 4

October 20, 1994

In this topsy-turvy time of rampant voter cynicism, a candidate with government experience does not necessarily have a leg up. Being a knowledgeable insider these days is equated with catering to special interests to maintain the status quo. Qualifications still count, but some candidates this fall seem to be banking that their flimsy political resumes may be the ticket to success.

We hope this epidemic of negativism has not so infected Howard County's Fourth Councilmanic District that it denies Mary C. Lorsung a seat on the County Council.

Ms. Lorsung has earned that position on the basis of her many years of public service and the breadth of her understanding of the major issues that face Howard County.

A Democrat, the 56-year-old Ms. Lorsung has toiled where it counts when it comes to local politics. For the past four years she has served as a special assistant to retiring Councilman Paul R. Farragut, whose seat she hopes to fill. Prior to that, she was a village manager in Columbia for eight years.

She has also served as a founding board member for the United Way Community Partnerships of Howard County, the Columbia Forum, the Columbia Archives, the Howard County Housing Alliance and the AIDS Alliance of Howard County.

By any measure, those are impressive credentials, and they should not be given short shrift in a surge of voter angst.

Ms. Lorsung's opposition to the zoning referendum on the Nov. 8 ballot is well-reasoned and consistent with our own. She has a healthy appreciation of the county's need to grow, particularly as it relates to job creation.

Ms. Lorsung's challenger, Republican Riaz H. Rana, 59, is a retired entrepreneur from Clarksville and a former Democrat.

Aside from an unsuccessful attempt to win a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates in 1978, Mr. Rana's political experience has been limited to service on several business roundtables.

His interest in protecting senior citizens from a growing property tax burden is commendable, but he seems to lack the intricate understanding of county issues that Ms. Lorsung wields. We wholeheartedly support Ms. Lorsung in the Fourth.

Tomorrow: County Council District 5.

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