Mulford in County Council District 6

October 20, 1994

During the next four years, the Anne Arundel County Council will have to make tough decisions about growth, spending and what qualifies as essential services under a property tax cap. It is not a job for the timid. In the Sixth District, which covers the Annapolis area, Republican William C. Mulford II has the strength of conviction the council needs to deal with these important issues.

Democrat Melinda Hamilton is a credible candidate with a better record of community and party activism than Mr. Mulford. The two hold similar views on the major issues; both favor construction of a detention center on Ordnance Road, support regional cooperation to solve the county's solid waste problems and want to relieve overcrowding in the schools.

But Mr. Mulford is by far the more energetic and dynamic of the two, and promises to be the more influential council member. An assistant state's attorney who will give up his job if elected, he is a newcomer to politics. But he has proved to be an astute observer of politics, has a firm grasp of the issues and has developed clear ideas about setting priorities for government spending. He says he got into this race because he wants to scrutinize the county budget and determine which programs should continue and which should be cut. He already has sensible ideas about combining school and county personnel and insurance systems and questions ultra-expensive projects such as the $35 million ASAP school computer system. He appears unafraid to stand up to school officials, other politicians and special-interest groups.

Mr. Mulford is best known for prosecuting Ron Price, the teacher/child sex abuser who confessed on "Geraldo!" His experience with the justice system would be a plus; he is familiar with crime issues at a time when crime is the top concern among voters. This would also be helpful as the county designs a proposed detention center in Glen Burnie.

Mr. Mulford would bring passion, commitment and intelligence to the council. Though he's unquestionably conservative, his views are moderate and flexible enough to enable him to work well with six colleagues over four long years.

Tomorrow: County Council District 7.

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