200 extras sought for week of filming Winona Ryder's 'Boys'

October 20, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

A mug shot could be your ticket to a bit part in a movie. You won't see your name in lights, but you may make it to the big screen next year.

Work as an extra with Winona Ryder and the cast of "Boys" in a week of carnival rides and greasy french fries. Extra work may not lead to fame and fortune, but it offers fun and remuneration.

Pay is $60 a night for a job full of "rolls" and "cuts" and labor that promises to be more tedious than strenuous.

"There will be a lot of sitting around while the crew is setting up shots," said Jennifer Milstein, casting agent for a Baltimore company charged with finding the extras.

Some 200 extras will get an up-close preview of "Boys," Ms. Ryder's latest film, and the chance to mingle with the glitterati amid Ferris wheels and funnel cakes.

"There will be stars, mostly all young actors, on the set every night," Ms. Milstein promised.

Six nights of filming carnival scenes will begin Tuesday at an undisclosed location near Carroll-Baltimore county line.

"You can sign up for one night or all six," said Ms. Milstein, who is looking for firm commitments, but not signed contracts. "But, whatever you choose, you must be willing to be there for the entire 12 hours."

If none of the takes lands on the cutting room floor, the shoot could mean about 10 minutes in the film, set for release next spring.

"You are lucky if you get one minute of film for a day of shooting," said Guy Adan, publicist for "Boys."

No one will wait around hungry. A free meal is included with each shift commitment. Cast, extras and crew will dine on catered fare each night.

The casting company is looking for men and women, 18 years and older, and willing to work 12-hour shifts for straight time, no overtime.

Cameras begin rolling at 6 p.m. Tuesday and everyone stays until 6 a.m. Wednesday.

"Once on the set, you can't leave," Ms. Milstein said.

Shooting continues nightly through Nov. 1, with a one-evening ,, interruption Oct. 30.

No acting experience or portfolio of glamour photos is necessary. A simple family snapshot could land you a spot in the film.

Send your picture with name, address, phone number and age to Boys Extras, P.O. Box 26106, Baltimore 21210.

No phone calls, please, and don't send a keepsake picture. You won't get it back.

The casting agency will begin telephoning the chosen few hundred Saturday. Extras will be told what to wear and where to appear.

Except for an occasional scream on the Scrambler, Ms. Milstein doubts extras will have any speaking parts. Their roles will be relegated to the midway stroll and the cotton candy chomp -- all part of the background for what Mr. Adan calls "a dark, romantic comedy."

The film's production crew has been shooting scenes in and around Carroll and Baltimore counties for about a month. It hopes to complete work here about mid-November.

Last week, the "Boys" crews spent about six hours at the state police barracks on Route 140 in Westminster, filming the final scene from the movie.

"We are looking for country types," said Ms. Milstein, a Westminster High School graduate and former county resident.

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