Hiding the fact you're dressed to party


October 20, 1994|By Elsa Klensch | Elsa Klensch,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Q: My 15th anniversary on the job is coming up. I've been tipped my boss will be throwing me a surprise party at my favorite restaurant. The friend who told me made me swear I wouldn't let the secret out.

The boss even arranged to have the party on Tuesday, the day I always work overtime and so come to the office in casual clothes. How can I manage to get dressed for an occasion where I know lots of photos will be taken -- without making it obvious I was forewarned?

A: I put your question to New York designer Nicole Miller, who said: "The outfit of the season is the dress and jacket, or the dress and matching vest. The dress can be bare and glamorous, but the jacket or vest covers it completely."

Go looking for such a combination right now and wear it several times to the office without taking off the jacket.

Then when the great event comes you can slip off the jacket, put on new earrings you happened to have in your drawer and go.

Q: I have a weight problem -- my weight ranges from 119 to 172 pounds. Over the years I collected clothes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. I guess I have four complete wardrobes.

This wasn't a problem until I divorced my husband and moved into a smaller apartment with few closets. How should I start weeding out the clothes, some that I've owned for 10 years?

A: Start by buying a folding clothing rack. Put it up in the middle of the room and hang the clothes that you wear all the time -- the pieces you couldn't live without. Then start building a wardrobe around them. Disregard clothes in the small and the extra-large sizes -- they're the ones you wear the least. Discard anything you haven't worn in the last year.

Keep the rack and clothes up for several days, discarding rather than adding. Then bundle the clothes you don't want into a bag and take them to a local charity.

Getting in an expert to reorganize your closets may be a good investment. You'll find an efficient closet arrangement does two things: gives you more space and makes you feel you are in zTC control of your clothes.

Elsa Klensch is style editor for Cable News Network. Her program can be seen each weekend.

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