Double StandardHow come the Mass Transit Administration...


October 19, 1994

Double Standard

How come the Mass Transit Administration gave a gentleman a citation costing $70 for eating an Egg McMuffin on a light-rail train?

Three weeks ago I saw a woman driving an MTA bus with one hand while munching a chicken drumstick in the other hand on the No. 19 line during heavy traffic.

Thomas W. Millenburg Jr.


Wrong Century

We are looking forward to a momentous event on the calendar just six years away: the "turn of the century."

Already individuals and groups are making plans for celebrations. Even cruise ships are starting to advertise special cruises to mark the event. Unfortunately, many people are planning the celebrations for the wrong time.

The 100th and final year of the current century will be the year 2000. The first year of the next century will be the year 2001.

Therefore, the "turn of the century" will occur one second after 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds on Dec. 31, 2000. After that second has expired the new century will truly begin.

Those people planning celebrations for Dec. 31, 1999, will be exactly one year ahead of time. However, there is nothing wrong with having two celebrations.

Russell E. Jones


Fair Is Fair

There is considerable speculation and hand-wringing as to why President Clinton is so unpopular when the economy is doing fairly well.

There are several reasons for this that have not escaped the public but seem to have escaped the main-stream media.

The first is that the recovery began before Mr. Clinton took office and long before any of his policies were implemented.

The second is President Clinton's incessant whining and blaming everyone but himself when things go wrong.

The American people remember his campaign, when he blamed Presidents Reagan and Bush, who never controlled Congress, for everything that went wrong during the past 12 years.

Now that he is president and has a Democratic Congress, does he blame himself when things go wrong? Of course not, he blames the Republican minority, who incidently were responsible for his only major victory -- the North American Free Trade Association.

Fair is fair. If Reagan and Bush, without the control of Congress, were held responsible then surely Clinton, with a Democratic Congress, should be held at least equally responsible.

James R. Kniss


Crime Vote

I am in a rage. My house was entered by a thief through a second floor, partially open, small bathroom window between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. For more than a year now, I have spent my own time and my husband's money investigating the criminal justice system and how it could be reformed. Now I believe that it could be canceled entirely without anyone noticing.

The Maryland General Assembly brags about passing a crime bill which, in the fine print, reduces housebreaking to a misdemeanor, placing it in the same category as car theft (our car was also stolen within the year).

The Maryland government says it can't afford more prisons but spends only 6 percent of its $13.5 billion budget on public safety, forcing us to spend what's left of our disposable income on ineffective protective devices.

organization has to fight seven years just to have a victims' rights amendment placed on the ballot.

And government's response to all this is to disarm the citizens.

Something is very, very wrong, and we stand impotent, waiting for the next move of the criminal and the child molester to whom leadership has been surrendered.

On Nov. 8, Marylanders have a priceless chance. Anyone who votes for more of the same, by returning the same party to office, or anyone who doesn't vote at all, forfeits his right to complain and his claim to justice. My last line of defense is my vote for Ellen Sauerbrey for governor and Paul Rappaport for lieutenant governor.

Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt


Books on Tape

Apparently the citizens of Baltimore County are less literate and have a shorter attention span than the residents of Harford County.

My local county public library has a large collection of books on tape; unfortunately, nearly all of them are condensed books.

Recently, I was at the Harford County library in Bel Air. They had an excellent collection of books on tape; and many, if not most of them, were unabridged.

If someone enjoys a book, isn't it reasonable to assume they will prefer the entire book over the condensed version? Why does the Baltimore County library have such a preponderance of condensed books?

Mark Borinsky


Simple Equation

D. J. Myers' letter, which appeared in The Sun Oct. 6, criticizes the newspaper for constantly lambasting Ellen Sauerbrey for her proposal to cut state taxes 24 percent over the next four years, without offering specifics as to why the proposal will not work.

(For the record, The Washington Post and several other newspapers followed with similar analyses.)

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