Evans for County Council District 5

October 19, 1994

Before she was elected to the Anne Arundel County Council four years ago, Republican Diane R. Evans promised to shake up panel that had been all-Democratic for years. She pledged to foster more public debate among politicians who had gotten used to making their decisions in private. She has been as good as her word. She has not been afraid to speak her mind and create controversy. Three or four Diane Evanses might be a formula for chaos, but one has proven a valuable watchdog and a refreshingly independent voice. We strongly endorse her for a second term on the council.

Her opponent, Democrat David L. DeAngelis of Severna Park, is chief deputy in the Baltimore City sheriff's office. He is well-versed on crime issues, although we disagree with his assertion that the county ought to abandon plans to build a new detention center. But Mr. DeAngelis has a limited record of activity within the district.

Mrs. Evans, in contrast, has a hefty resume of political and civic involvement; she knows her district and represents its views well. During her first term, she responded to constituent demands and succeeded in pushing through the council a hugely expensive addition to Broadneck High School.

Her major contribution, however, is not what she has brought back to her district but the difference she has made on the legislative body. She has been a strong minority voice for Republican fiscal conservatism. She has boldly challenged county Auditor Joseph Novotny and has been County Executive Robert R. Neall's strongest ally on needed cuts and reforms.

Mrs. Evans has not always endeared herself to her colleagues; she might engage in too much partisan sniping. Nonetheless, we respect her for having the courage of her convictions and for her belief that council members should think independently and act openly. Thanks largely to her prodding, the council is more open than it used to be. And, votes no longer are a foregone conclusion now that council members have become more accustomed to thinking for themselves. Mrs. Evans deserves the credit for helping reform the council; this council needs her presence for another term.

4( Tomorrow: County Council District 6.

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