Tregoning for Carroll County Sheriff

October 19, 1994

If credentials were the only basis for electing a sheriff in Carroll County, the race between incumbent John H. Brown, a Republican, and challenger Kenneth L. Tregoning, a Democrat, would be a dead heat. Both men have impressive law enforcement resumes spaning decades. After considering the leadership ability, vision and dedication of both candidates, however, we recommend the election of Mr. Tregoning as sheriff.

With a 26-year career in the Maryland State Police, Mr. Tregoning has extensive experience in all aspects of police work, from patrol to managing three police barracks, including the one in Westminster. He is familiar with a wide range of law enforcement activities -- patrol, criminal investigation, administration and budget analysis. As an administrator, Mr. Tregoning has dealt with many facets of a police operation, including long-range recruitment and training plans for the state police -- skills that would be extremely useful in running the 90-person sheriff's office.

Throughout his career, Mr. Tregoning has been able to command by example. He projects a sense of professionalism, self-discipline and high standards. His subordinates praise him for being a firm, fair, compassionate administrator. In his dealings with the public, Mr. Tregoning has always been respectful and courteous.

While Sheriff Brown can be proud of generating more income for the county's general fund by increasing work-release fee collections, charging inmates for phones and collecting civil process fees, his arbitrary management and personnel practices have cost county taxpayers a bundle in unnecessary overtime, back pay and civil settlements. As a member of the advisory board of the county's Narcotics Task Force, Mr. Brown did not exert the leadership that might have prevented some of the incidents and policies that have tarnished the task force's reputation and effectiveness. In addition, Mr. Brown's adamant opposition to a county police force has unnecessarily limited the law enforcement role of the sheriff's office.

By electing Mr. Tregoning as sheriff, Carroll's voters would be installing an able law enforcement officer who is familiar with the county and is capable of overhauling and improving the operations of this vital office.

:. Tomorrow: Carroll County courthouse races.

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