Happy Eater columnist wins award

October 19, 1994

Rob Kasper, Sun columnist, has won first place in a national writing contest sponsored by the Association of Food Journalists. He received the award Saturday during the group's convention in Atlanta.

His winning columns included reminiscences about the pleasures of eating watermelon as a teen-ager with his Midwestern buddies; ruminations on how homemade pie might well be the antidote to America's problems and an account of his struggles to match the correct wine glass with the right wine.

The competition, which rates writers on skill and consistency, requires contestants to submit consecutive columns.

Mr. Kasper's winning selections came from his Happy Eater column, a personal and often humorous look at food that appears in the food section on Wednesdays.

Second place went to Kathie Jenkins of the Los Angeles Times and third place to Merle Alexander of the Oregonian, in Portland, Ore.

This is the fifth year that Mr. Kasper's Happy Eater column has received a writing award from the nation's food editors. His column also won the National Headliner Award, in 1993 and 1988.

Mr. Kasper, a native of Dodge City, Kan., joined The Sun in 1978. He began writing the Happy Eater column in 1983. In 1990 he began an additional column, Saturday's Hero, a light-hearted view of home repair and fatherhood.

This past spring he began writing Rob Kasper's Maryland, a column about the food and folk of the state, which appears Sundays in The Sun Magazine.

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